Summer Ale

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One thing I have learned from kegging, is that it takes ale a lot longer to mature in the keg than if you had bottle conditioned it. You can force carbonate from the get go, but it's going to taste immature if you don't give it time. My summer ale was questionable at best, to start with. However after a couple months in the keg, it was really very decent. It was clear, with a nice spicy aroma, and full bodied. It had a cinnamon nutmeg, allspice type flavor. I will say this however, I did two different batches, one with a cultured yeast from a Brooklyn Hopfen Weisse, and another with White Labs WLP300. The cultured yeast batch was way better. I am not too impressed with the White Labs yeast. It gave it too much of a yeasty character that took forever to fade, and never really did go completely away.

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