Grand Rapids Brewing Closing

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GRBC.jpgOn occasion I will stop in at Grand Rapids Company. Open since 1993, they have a great lunch special, $7.50 for a brew, burger and fries, and it's an excellent burger. Unfortunately the crowds seem a bit light, and have been for some time. Grand Rapids Brewing seems to attached itself more to the restaurant market, than the brewing world. While brewery's stay around, restaurants are quickly outpaced by the latest thing. Why stop in at Grand Rapids brewing, when you can get beers for two bucks at the new Quaker Stake. The fact that for years they served the worst food in Grand Rapids, doesn't help their case much either. Their beer has in my opinion always been ok, nothing incredible, nothing shabby, just decent ale. Decent ale while really something in 1993, is not much to write home about in Grand Rapids 2011, a city boasting nine craft breweries, and a host of great beer bars.

Their theme was cool, they revived a long since gone brewery name, Grand Rapids brewing, and even brewed beer using the original Silver Foam name. But I think it's time has come, I have known for sometime this was going to take place, the writing was on the wall. So when they had their farewell dinner this afternoon, I was not a bit surprised. So if you want to grab yourself a pint glass for posterity; hop in this week, because Monday the doors close for good.

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