Lemon Wheat Summer Ale

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Lemon_Wheat_Summer_Ale.jpgSo my attempts at cloning my buddies summer wheat ale pretty much fell flat. While not really intending to try another summer ale, I came across some grains of paradise from the spice guy at work. He sold my some fresh vanilla beans for my vanilla cream ale that I brewed up and some grains of paradise. The only recipe I could find that used them was a lemon wheat summer ale. So here goes attempt number three at a summer ale.

2 Lbs Wheat Dry Extract
4 Lbs Pale Dry Extract
1 Lbs Pilsner Malt
1 Lbs Wheat Malt
8 oz Cara-Pils Malt
1 oz Hallertauer Bittering
1 oz Hallertauer Aroma
1 Whole Bag of Lemon Zest ( Bought a bag of lemons and zested them all and soaked it in juice)
1 Gram Grains of Paradise ( I think I should have used more)
 American Ale Yeast (Wyeast #1056)

There it is brewing up with my current summer wheat brew.

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