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Founder's Canadian Breakfast Stout was just released this Tuesday, and there are already dozens of greedy bastards on Craigslist and Ebay popping up, asking a $100.00 a bottle. Let this be a warning to those who do this. Beer Karma is a bitch. If the overpaid and underworked (or vice versa, I don't really have my facts together on that one) Michigan liquor control commission shows up at your door, I have no sorrow for you. Beer trading is one thing, some stuff may be impossible to get in your state, and a fair trade is an honest endeavor, especially if you drop in a freebie, or two, for your trading partner. But turning around and scalping a $15.00 bottle of ale for $100.00 cash is just greed. You took that bottle off the shelf from someone who would have appreciated it, in an attempt to rob them. If you hoard a couple of bottles, or three, or four, your pushing your luck. But as long as you share it in the end, it's all good. I am not alone on this one either. If you are young and stupid and new to drinking good beer, wake up before the real beer world blacklists you. If you are just a greedy beer thief, well take it from this Atheist, you are going straight to BEER HELL where beer demons force you to drink trub from Bush fermentation tanks (well that's the rumor).

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