Allagash Curieux

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Curieux.JPGWhile this is a year round ale for many, and may not venture into Limited Edition territory, it is still a treat for anyone in Michigan. Allagash does not distribute this far out. I picked this ale up while in Dallas. The aroma is lemon meringue pie, the honey hue nicely sets up the circus peanut, Belgian ale taste. It is similar to the Brooklyner-Schneirder Hopfen-Weisse in that much of the character is a result of the Belgian yeast. Granted this has some [quite a presence of] unique nuances as a result of the bourbon barrel aging. Of any bourbon barrel aged brew I've sampled, this one, has the mildest touch of bourbon that I have ever detected. This is not a bad thing either, the flavor profile blends appropriately this way. I expected a lot from this ale, and it delivered. With very little up front, it has just a little bourbon burn in the finish unexpectedly giving a little kick before it's gone. So if you can get your hands on this strange, inquisitive, curious, curieux brew do so. Granted I say that a lot. But I still mean it. Just because I seldom buy bad brews does not mean they're not out there. They exist by the truck load. But life is just too short for bad beer. So go buy yourself a Real Ale while you have the chance.

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