Goose Island Bourbon County Stout 2011

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bcs_2011.JPG      Bottled on 11/11/11 this years Bourbon County Stout comes to the table with an additional 1 1/2 % alcohol content from last year. The bourbon and carrot nose hit you the moment you crack open the bottle. With a tingly bourbon sweetness Bourbon County Stout has a smooth, chocolate, velvety mouth-feel that finishes with a never ending tiny bourbon burn on the tongue. This year seems to have a bit more raw alcohol character and a little less bourbon oakiness. Overall this year does not disappoint, I guess big evil AB-Inbev hasn't ruined them yet - let me interject with a quick rant - I hope that instead of taking the Pete's Wicked ale path and the path of every other brew that was ruined by Miller SAB the intrusion of big business takes a different spin this next score and they realize that good capitalism means good ale.

      BCS pours a nice motor oil viscosity, with insignificant head, and a sheer caramel blackness. Overall this winter warmer comes in just under Founders CBS and a stretch past Founders KBS. Right next to Anchor Porter, Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout, Dark Horse Plead the 5th, and Founders CBS (or KBS on tap) this is one of my favorite ales. Granted each tends to be just a bit different in style, and Bourbon County Stout holds its own with the most bourbon of any ale I have had. Thanks to David Stanley at Cascade Meijer for this years brew!

Bourbon County Stout.. Good to the Last Drop!

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