Petition to Legalize small-scale home distillation

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Your politics is your business. However, if you homebrew this is something you should consider signing. If it wasn't for people doing this in 1978 it would be 5 Years, $5,000 for homebrewing. Petition the Obama Administration to Legalize small-scale home distillation

Not convinced it's a good idea? Read my post Free Spirits in America, and watch this video. Yes there is a small bit of intelligence required to distill, and yes, there is a risk of fire if done over an open flame by a fool. But remember that this is American were fools are allowed to:

  • Operate motor vehicles (yes I agree, stupid people should be banned from the road. Call your senator and get em' off the road).
  • Operate a chain saw.
  • Operate an acetylene torch.
  • Use Knifes.
  • Own semi-automatic firearms.
  • Use a lawn mower.
  • Walk on ice.
  • The list goes on.

But if someone stupid wants to walk on ice, a five year prison sentence is a little harsh. Also keep in mind that legalizing is not the same as complete deregulation. But it would open doors for craft distillers in the making.

Update: There is a decent conversation going on over on about this. My response to the prohibition era fear mongering that goes on during these discussions is the following.

  1. Distilling is legal for your tractor, just not for you. So all the bit about fire, while it is a danger is a moot point. Its not the reason its illegal.

  2. Nothing comes out the still, that didn't go in. If your homebrew was safe to drink going in, its safe coming out. Yes it is more concentrated and if done poorly might give you a headache.

The reason it's illegal is the same reason we have a three tier system in so many states, the same reason you can't legally homebrew in MS. See my blog post link above.

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