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Tasting.jpgGlass.JPGMy snifters are in for my Winter Stout Tasting. This is my second order from Discount Mugs, they threw in an extra 40% shipment of glasses which was pretty cool. I had ordered from them this summer and the quality of some of the glasses was not what I had expected, they refunded me completely for them. In both cases the art dept did a great job, and the print quality was excellent. I intend to use them for all my future glass orders. They have the best prices, offer a quality product, and accurately predict your arrival date.

So when I finally get the stout tasting scheduled we'll have some decent snifters to remember it by. After some reading I have decided to make better use of my cellar. So far I have been storing my bike in the cellar, and my beer behind my bar. That arrangement has now been rectified. Why buy an expensive cooler when mother nature will take care of the temperature control for you?


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