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Imprint.jpgThis semester I took a metal working class. I had to make four broaches. I decided to put 6/32 threaded studs on the back and use them as tap handle badges. For the background I etched a barley dudes negative in bronze and rolled it into the background for the badges. You can see the original circle before it's rolled in the photo. I decided to make two tap handles, one round and one triangular. I spent a fair amount of time doing the math for the triangular layout. I have decided not to make the round one and do something more creative instead. For the handles I got brass stock, drilled, threaded, and silver soldered it into the bottom of the handles. Well so far only the triangular one. I also soldered a 6/32 brass backer inside to thread the badges into the handle. In the end I didn't like the way they looked and decided to just go with the center beer glass shape instead of the entire badge. The concept was that you can change out the badges to match the style of beer on tap.

To make the triangular handle I scored it, and bent it in a sheet metal brake. I still needed to work it around a bit so I make a steel stake that would fit inside the handle. I also created a small jig to hold the brass slug for the handle. It worked out well. I used it to hold the slug while I filed it down. I used it to hold the handle while soldering and I used it to simulate the facet so that it would thread on correctly. I went with a hammered finish because I like the look. Unfortunately it's so dang shiny you can't really take a decent photo of it. 

When I get the next one done I will post some photos.


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