Dark Horse - 2012 King of the Forest

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King_Of_The_Forest.jpgKing of the Forest pours black with minimal head. The nose presents ketchup, barbeque, maple, and a slight sour apple tang. Medium to full-bodied - maple, sour apple, tart cherry, and balsamic vinegar - fill the palate. This is a very sour brew. Overall I would rate this as a very good sour. It does not manifest any of the off characteristics reported with last years version. While I enjoyed the tartness, the overt sourness and acid burn in the finish are a bit much for me. Something this sour is more welcome on my salad, than in my snifter. I would prefer a more balanced sour, such as one of the many Russian River offerings. That said I do think it's a rather solid ale.

Initially the sourness is so great that it is rather hard to pinpoint the main flavor characteristics. As time passes the palate adjusts and sourness backs off a bit allowing some of the caramelized burnt sugar characteristics to come through. Even the nose seems to burn off a bit giving off a chocolate sweetness.

I am looking forward to sharing this one and hearing what others have to say.

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