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MMMM.jpgI was a little skeptical of MMMM. I picked it up at last years 4 Elf party. There was talk of infected brews, and so-so brews. But I wanted to give them all their fair shot, so I picked up one of each of the majority of ales offered. My expectations for MMMM - quite honestly - were not set very high. I was pleasantly surprised. Named MMMM and labeled a Chocolate Rye Porter, it is quite appropriately named and labeled. MMMM was my very first thought when I tried this brew. It pours a very dark rich brown, not black, with a dark head. This brew is simply chocolaty goodness. Dark Horse really nailed it on this one. This is a very balanced brew all the way around. Good body, rich malt notes on the nose, and great chocolate malt flavor. Chocolate coats the tongue and leaves with a soft tang, not sharp tannin bite, just a mellow tang. Beer Advocate incorrectly gives this brew an 82. There are a couple of reasons why. First there are only three reviews because this is a brewery release only ale (aka rare). Second it was bottled just days prior to 4Elf and it would have been foolish to drink any of these bottle conditioned brews from 4Elf without first giving them some time. So due to a bit of limited supply and ignorance I would put this as a highly underrated brew. Properly cellared - It's damn good. One of the best porters I have had. Dark Horse is not perfect, sometimes they screw stuff up and are pretty human. But they work their ass off and really bring it like no other brewery.


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