I am back - well I technically never really left - Georgia and the BrewShed

shed_bandw.jpegSo I have 'written' countless posts in my head over the past few years, but for one reason or another have they have never actually made them to the blog. In April 2020 I managed to write the following text here in the blog never to actually post it "I took a bit of a sabbatical from brewing. But not from drinking. I was waiting to get my brew shed complete, then create my brew sculpture and resume brewing. I completed the brew shed, only to move. I recently setup a small basement area for brew equipment so there may be hope I will resume soon."

So that pretty much sums it up. I left the great beer state, moved to Georgia and silence. I kept drinking and mountain biking but the weather changed things up a bit for me. The first issue I encountered was the three hundred bottles in the cellar, where would they go? South East Georgia does not have basements. So I solved the issue but packing beer in the beer fridge, kegerator, and purchasing a fermentation chamber aka a cheap Lowes chest freezer that I added a STC-1000  temperature controller to. I have yet to use this cooler for lagering which was the long term plan. Sadly since modern technology is crap - or planned obsolesce as it's called - it is on its last legs and still holding beer. I have replaced the starting cap twice and the compressor whines like death is imminent amongst other issues. It has my signed Bell's bumper sticker from Laura Bell on it's face so I not going to part with it until I have to.

But I digress. The weather; In Michigan I brewed and did beer stuff in the winter and biked in the summer. Georgia was summer all the time. So I biked all year and since we didn't have a decent homebrew shop never actually brewed a damn thing in six years there. I did however make a brewing and bikes shed. The plan as my un-posted excerpt at the start stated was to weld up a brewtus once it was done. But perfection takes time and I am slow so I finished the brewshed right before I moved back to the great beer state. Here are a few photos of the beer and bike shed for your viewing pleasure. It has a retractable bike stand built into the floor, rough cut yellow pine loft, jar lights, heat/ac and all the stuff a guy could want. I left days after finishing it.

Jar Lights     shed_ext.jpg     loft.jpg     Inside.jpg


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