Sam Adams - Double Bock

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Vanilla_Cream_Ale.jpgSam_Double_Bock.jpgThis is really a great brew. I am not a big Sam Adams fan, I don't dislike them, and in fact Jim Koch seems to be a very cool guy. But most of their brews are pretty average or below. Yeah they make crazy stuff like Utopias, but where is their great IPA, etc. Anyhow I poured this Double Bock and it was just beautiful, deep dark, and rich, like maple syrup. It's a very nice malty ale. I just brewed up a batch of Vanilla Cream Ale, patterned after my Strawberry Cream Ale, and this was the perfect - after brewing complement. It has that same great malt smell that you get when you brew. For my Vanilla Cream Ale, I am going to make my own vanilla extract and pitch in the secondary. If it is half as good as the Strawberry Cream Ale I will be pleased.

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