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hoplicated.jpghoney_creek_june.jpgSo I wanted a pint, it was a hot afternoon and I wanted to be in a nice air-conditioned pub drinking ale. I thought, and thought, yes Honey Creek Inn was the place I wanted to be. So I biked a loop at Cannonsburg State Game Area and checked out the new improvements; it's very nice. I then headed to Honey Creek Inn for a pint of whatever was on cask. Train Wreck Ale from Mt.Pleasant was the cask ale. A bit heavy for a cask ale, I was really looking for something hoppy, but it was good. I saw an odd sides Hoplicated on tap, thinking this would be a great ale, I ordered one. Holy lactic acid Batman, it was sour milk with hops. I finished it, and honestly I can't be too critical except to state that this may be an acquired taste. It was hoppy, cloudy, and a decent ale, with a flavor and mostly strong aroma of sour milk. It was one of those things that really turns you off, sour milk, what more could tell your palate, DON'T DRINK THIS, while at the same time my brain is saying, if this is was they were trying to accomplish they really nailed it, they must have just poured the lactic acid in by the gallon. I like a bock with a little sour, this was all sour. Not something I would drink again however. Honey Creek Inn is awesome, I could not remember the name of the brew and called them back, they were all too helpful getting me the name. Their food, service, and ale is one of a kind. Who else is Kent County serves cask ale? Not to mention the cool people you meet there.

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